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System requirements are the recommended hardware and software components that are required for your product and system to run optimally.

Security Video Analytics and People Counter modules

  • The KiwiVision™ video analytics plugin must be installed on a server and on client workstations that run a 64-bit operating system, and meet the recommended hardware specifications, as described in the Security Center system requirements.
    NOTE: A 32-bit operating system is sufficient for client workstations that only run Security Desk.
  • KiwiVision™ video analytics requires an AVX compatible processor to run.

Camera Integrity Monitor and Privacy Protector™ modules

Refer to the Security Center system requirements.

Requirement calculators

For all KiwiVision™ modules
Use the KiwiVision™ Hardware Calculator to help you calculate the number of machines required for your KiwiVision™ deployment based on the number of cameras you want to have, and the type of analytics you want to perform.
For KiwiVision™ video analytics
Use the KiwiVision™ Camera Requirements Calculator to help you with the following:
  • Calculate the maximum distance objects can be from the camera and still be detected to determine how many cameras you require to cover the area you want monitored
  • Verify whether your existing camera setup needs to be modified to meet the camera requirements for your KiwiVision™ deployment