What is included in the KiwiVision™ portfolio? - KiwiVision™ 4.3 | Security Center

KiwiVision™ User Guide for Security Center

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The KiwiVision™ portfolio includes four modules, which transform your video into smart data that improves your security and operational efficiency, and protects the privacy of individuals.


The following modules are available in Security Center through the KiwiVision™ video analytics plugin, which is automatically installed with Security Center:
KiwiVision™ Security video analytics
This module adds analytics capabilities for security monitoring to Security Center, based on common scenarios. Security video analytics includes scenarios for intrusion detection, object detection, and tailgating detection.
KiwiVision™ People Counter
This module adds analytics capabilities for people counting to Security Center. The people counting scenario detects the number of people entering or exiting an area.

The following modules are available in Security Center through their respective roles:

KiwiVision™ Camera Integrity Monitor
This module ensures your cameras are operational at all times by performing regular checks of the video to detect whether the cameras have been tampered with.
KiwiVision™ Privacy Protector™
This module ensures the privacy of individuals recorded by video surveillance cameras while safeguarding potential evidence.

To learn more about what each KiwiVision™ module has to offer, visit the Genetec™ Resource Hub.