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Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

The KiwiVision™ video analytics 4.0 integration includes the following limitations.
Issue Description
952755 Module is not responsive to license modifications.
Workaround: If the license count is modified, restart the KiwiVision™ Manager for the changes to take effect.
982967 Config Tool: In the Perspective and Areas tool panes, KiwiVision™ video analytics annotations are not redrawn until a new video frame is received. This can cause delays in performance if the video frame rate is low.
1008239 Config Tool: Importing an XML configuration file from the Genetec™ Config Tool into the KiwiVision™ Configuration tool is not supported.
1008244 When an analytic is not dispatched or the KiwiVision™ video analytics roles are deleted without a proper shutdown, the lifespan of the static area overlay is 2 minutes (from the last time an analyzer used it).
1799876 When importing or loading settings from the database, slider settings that are below the minimum or maximum value are not shown until the slider is clicked.
1799877 When upgrading KiwiVision™ video analytics from 3.0 or 3.1, overlays are not displayed in event images for existing configurations.
Workaround: Open and save each KiwiVision™ intrusion detector configuration that has this issue to resolve the issue.
1799880 Event snapshots are not saved for a camera with privacy protection enabled. This ensures that unpixelated snapshots are not shown.
1816437 The alarm cooldown state of the analysis area cannot easily be seen.
Workaround: Enable the Detections overlay and check if the overlay is present. Change the configuration to check that detections occur. You can also set the Min. time between alerts advanced parameter to 0. This will cause the area to always trigger.