Resolved issues in KiwiVision™ video analytics 4.0 - KiwiVision™ 4.0 GA

KiwiVision™ Video Analytics Guide 4.0 GA

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KiwiVision™ 4.0 GA
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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The KiwiVision™ video analytics 4.0 integration includes the following resolved issues.
Issue Description
982433 Config Tool: When an alert is triggered for an intrusion detector with advanced mode enabled, the movement direction arrow is not displayed.
1008205 Config Tool: The Intrusion detector unit conversion only displays two decimal places when converting from metric to imperial units.
1700126 In the KiwiVision™ Analyzer Properties tab, the Maximum CPU percentage option only applies to Kiwi processes, not the Total CPU used.
1815206 Video analytics analysis does not work when privacy protection is active on a stream.