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KiwiVision™ Video Analytics Guide 4.0 GA

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KiwiVision™ 4.0 GA
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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

The KiwiVision™ video analytics 4.0 module is a new integration for Security Center 5.7 SR2.

Ease of use

The following changes have been made in Config Tool to enhance the end user experience.

Intrusion detector configuration panels have been enhanced as follows:
  • Intrusion detector Advanced mode configuration controls have been updated.
    • Advanced parameters are now grouped together in the Advanced mode option.
      NOTE: When the Advanced mode is disabled, the advanced parameter settings (Object height, Max. speed, Detection clustering and so on) and the Paths tab are hidden.
  • In the General tab, a new overlay function has been added for Detections.
  • There are now 2 options available for adding an intrusion detector:
    • A new intrusion detector can be created and configured manually.
    • An existing KiwiVision™ settings file (.ks) can be used to create a new intrusion detector or quickly configure an existing intrusion detector.
  • Privacy protected (pixelated) streams can now be analyzed for intrusion.

For more information, see Configuring a camera for KiwiVision™ video analytics.

Improve compatibility and stability

The following changes have been made in Config Tool to improve the compatibility and enhance stability.

You can now import or export KiwiVision™ settings files.
  • Using Import from file... you can choose to import either a new *.ks configuration file or a legacy *.xml configuration file.
  • The Export to file... only exports *.ks files.
NOTE: Settings file syntax validation is now performed before the file can be saved. Invalid configurations are no longer supported and cannot be saved.

For more information, see Importing settings from a KiwiVision™ settings file and Exporting settings to a KiwiVision™ settings file.