About alerts in the KiwiVision™ video analytics module - KiwiVision™ 4.1 GA

KiwiVision™ Video Analytics Guide 4.1 GA

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In KiwiVision™ video analytics, alerts are triggered when a change is detected in a defined area. For example, when a person enters the area, or when an object is left in the area. Alerts indicate that a Security Center event is generated.

Alert bar in Config Tool

When configuring an analytics scenario, you can use the alert bar to see whether an alert is properly triggered from your configuration. The alert bar is displayed in the top left corner of the video on the Areas and General pages.
NOTE: If you do not click Apply to save your configuration, you can still see alerts being triggered from your configuration, but no corresponding events are generated.
  • The bar is blue when no alert is triggered.

  • The bar is red, when an alert is triggered, and then turns back to blue after the Alert cooldown period has elapsed. When the bar is back to blue, new alerts can be triggered.

Alerts in Security Desk

Alerts can be visualized when monitoring video analytics cameras if you enable the Alerts overlay in the scenario configuration.
In Config Tool, an area protection scenario is configured with one area named Area 0. The alert bar turns red when someone is detected in that area.

In the Security Desk Monitoring task, the camera associated with the area protection scenario is monitored. The Alert overlay is enabled in the scenario configuration, so when the alert is triggered, the outline of Area 0 is displayed in orange, and the associated event is listed in the event list.