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A video analytics scenario is an analytics configuration that is applied to video streams and that defines what information in the video is analyzed.

Different types of scenarios are available to use as starting points for analytics configurations. Predefined scenarios are available to facilitate configuration because they are based on common use cases for video analytics. Each predefined scenario has different default settings enabled for configuration based on the use case it is designed for.

If none of the predefined scenario types meet your needs, you can start from one of the custom scenarios, which have all the predefined scenario settings and more.

NOTE: The events generated vary by scenario type.

Predefined intrusion detection scenarios

Area protection
Designed to detect when people enter one or more restricted areas.
Perimeter protection
Designed to detect when people cross a defined perimeter, such as a fenced area. False events are triggered less frequently with the perimeter protection scenario than with the area protection scenario because the motion that triggers the detection is more limited.
Direction control
Designed to detect when a person or vehicle moves in a specified direction.

Predefined object detection scenarios

Object detection
Designed to detect objects that are left in or removed from a scene. This scenario is optimized for indoor environments.
Stopped vehicle detection
Designed to detect vehicles that are stopped in a restricted area. This scenario is optimized for outdoor environments.

Custom scenarios

If you start configuring a predefined analytics scenario, and then decide it does not fit your needs, you can convert the scenario to its corresponding custom version to make all settings available for configuration.
Custom Intrusion Detector
Provides the most configuration options for intrusion detection analytics.
Custom Object Detector
Provides the most configuration options for object detection analytics.