About linking cameras to OnGuard entities - OnGuard 5.1.3

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OnGuard 5.1.3
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Linking Security Center cameras to entities makes it possible to view video feeds in the Monitoring task when an access control event occurs at an entity.

After you have added and configured cameras in Security Center, you can assign them to OnGuard entities such as elevators, floors, and areas in the Area view task.
  • To assign a camera to a door, select a door and then associate a camera to it on the Hardware page.

    The Hardware page in the Area view task showing cameras associated with a door.
  • To assign cameras to elevators, floors, areas, and intrusion detection areas, select an entity and access its configuration page.
    An Area identity window in OnGuard with the Cameras option highlighted.
  • You can also link cameras to OnGuard inputs. The process is different for inputs than for native Security Center entities, like doors and elevators.