Disabling OnGuard custom events in Security Center - OnGuard 5.1.3

Lenel OnGuard Plugin Guide 5.1.3

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OnGuard 5.1.3
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If you do not want custom events to be triggered in Security Center when they are triggered in OnGuard, you can disable them in Config Tool.

What you should know

  • All OnGuard hardware events will create custom events in Security Center. All the OnGuard custom events are enabled by default and will trigger events in Security Center when the corresponding events are triggered in OnGuard.
  • The Events column in the Events tab indicates the Security Center event that is mapped to the custom event created by synchronizing with OnGuard. This provides the option to receive the custom event, Security Center event, or both when an event occurs in the OnGuard system.

  • If you do not have a custom event or event checked, you will not receive a notification and the event that occurs will not be logged.


  1. From the homepage in Config Tool, open the Plugins task.
  2. In the Plugins task, select the OnGuard plugin from the entity browser, and click the Events tab.
  3. Clear the checkboxes for the custom events that you do not want triggered in Security Center.
  4. Click Apply.


The custom events you disabled from the list will not be triggered in Security Center when triggered in OnGuard, therefore they will not appear in the Monitoring task and in reports.
NOTE: For details about disabling native Security Center events in the Monitoring task see the Security Center User Guide.