How the OnGuard plugin works with Security Center - OnGuard 5.1.3

Lenel OnGuard Plugin Guide 5.1.3

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The OnGuard plugin integrates OnGuard access control systems with Security Center.

The OnGuard system sends access control events to Security Center through the OnGuard plugin. The plugin forwards these events, and converts them into Security Center events and alarms. It also receives Security Center queries and report requests.

Components of OnGuard integration

OnGuard plugin
The OnGuard plugin is installed on a Security Center server and runs as a plugin role.
Config Tool
The OnGuard plugin is also installed on a Config Tool workstation. The Security Center administrator uses Config Tool to create and configure the plugin role.
Security Desk
The OnGuard plugin is installed on all Security Desk workstations.
OnGuard proxy
The proxy is installed as part of the plugin on the OnGuard server. The proxy connects Security Center to the OpenAccess API, which retrieves information from the OnGuard database and sends it to Security Center. The proxy should be installed on a workstation within the OnGuard ecosystem to access the OpenAccess API.
OnGuard server
The OnGuard server hosts the OnGuard services, including the OpenAccess API service.