Setting up Federation™ to monitor remote OnGuard entities - OnGuard 5.1.3

Lenel OnGuard Plugin Guide 5.1.3

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You can configure Federation™ host so that operators can monitor live events and generate reports for OnGuard entities.

Before you begin

  • Understand Federation™.
  • Read the release notes to learn about known issues and limitations that affect the use of Federation™ for this plugin.

What you should know

  • WARNING: If you are synchronizing cardholder pictures, you must confirm that the Federation™ host system's Directory database server is capable of holding all of the cardholder pictures. Failure to verify this capability prior to federating may result in system failure of the federation host if the Directory database isn't able to contain all of the cardholder pictures.
    To ensure the Directory database can contain all of the cardholders, do one of the following:
    • Upgrade the Federation™ host Directory to SQL Standard or better (SQL Express 2014 imposes a 10 GB database size limit).
    • Move all cardholders into a separate partition and create a Federation™ user which does not have access to the cardholder partition.
    • Synchronize OnGuard cardholder thumbnails instead of full pictures. This setting can be selected in the Proxy settings of the plugin.

  • Federated sites require licenses for the readers on the site.
  • When using Federation™ to generate reports from a remote system, the value of the Source field is left blank.
  • Controlling the OnGuard entities from the Federation™ host in not supported.
  • Commands that are added by the plugin can not be sent to federated systems. This includes things like setting clocks, downloading databases, setting reader modes, etc.


  1. Open Config Tool on the server that host Federation™.
  2. Add the OnGuard base license (part number GSC-1PLEN).
  3. Install the OnGuard plugin.
  4. Set up a Security Center Federation™.
    Create a Federation™ role for each remote site that hosts the OnGuard plugin role.
  5. Expand the Federation™ host role and confirm that the entities are listed in the entity browser.
  6. If the entities are missing, restart the Main server for the Federation™ host.
  7. In the Monitoring task, add entities to the event monitoring list.


The entities from federated sites appear in the entity browser.