Upgrading OnGuard plugin from version 5.x.x to 5.1.3 - OnGuard 5.1.3

Lenel OnGuard Plugin Guide 5.1.3

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OnGuard 5.1.3
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You can do a full upgrade of the OnGuard plugin from any 5.x version directly to version 5.1.3.


  1. Deactivate the plugin role.
  2. Stop the Genetec™ Server service, and close Security Desk and Config Tool.
  3. If you have made changes to any configuration files, back up the files elsewhere on the system.
  4. Install the latest version of the plugin.
  5. Activate the plugin role.
  6. Using Windows Explorer, delete the file C:\ProgramData\Genetec\OnGuard\EventMappingConfiguration.json on the proxy server.
    NOTE: If you do not delete this .json file, Security Center cannot raise new events.
  7. Restart the proxy server.
    NOTE: a new .json file is automatically created on startup.
  8. If you backed up your configuration files in step 3, compare the files and manually reapply your changes.
    The plugin is ready for use.

After you finish

  • Verify your proxy configuration.