What is the OnGuard plugin? - OnGuard 5.1.3

Lenel OnGuard Plugin Guide 5.1.3

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OnGuard 5.1.3
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The OnGuard plugin is an access control plugin that integrates OnGuard access control systems with Security Center. Using the OnGuard plugin, you can monitor access control entities, alarms, and events from your OnGuard system directly in Security Center.

Administrator tasks using Config Tool

Using the plugin you can do the following:
  • Connect to OnGuard integrated access control systems.
  • Select the entities, devices, alarms and events from the OnGuard system that you want to synchronize with Security Center entities and events.
  • Select the OnGuard events that you want to receive in Security Center. Events can be received as custom events from OnGuard, or as the Security Center event that the custom event is mapped to.
  • Configure how OnGuard alarms are triggered and acknowledged in Security Center.
  • Configure the number of historical logged events that you want imported when performing a manual synchronization with the OnGuard system.
  • View the progress of OnGuard entities, alarms and events as they are synchronized with your Security Center system.
  • Assign Security Center cameras to OnGuard input entities.
  • Trigger actions and outputs in OnGuard using hot actions, and event-to-actions.
  • Configure event-to-actions in Security Center using OnGuard events and alarms.
  • Federate Security Center systems: monitor entities, alarms and events of a OnGuard system connected to a federated Security Center system.

Operator tasks using Security Desk

  • Display live access control events from OnGuard in Security Desk with detailed cardholder information.
  • Monitor and acknowledge OnGuard alarms using the Alarm monitoring task in Security Desk.
  • Monitor live and playback video related to access control events received from OnGuard in the Monitoring task of Security Desk.
  • Lock and unlock doors in OnGuard from Security Desk.
  • Generate Security Center reports to search for past events and alarms.
  • Deactivate an OnGuard cardholder from Security Desk.
IMPORTANT: If you are connecting to OnGuard Enterprise, it is recommended that you first speak with your Genetec representative, as the plugin will behave differently and offer different functionality.

For more information about monitoring entities, see Selecting entities to monitor. For more information about alarms and events, see Triggering alarms manually. For more information about triggering actions and output in Security Desk, see Triggering actions. You can access this information by pressing F1 in Security Desk.

For more information about creating event-to-actions in Config Tool, see Creating event-to-actions. You can access this information by pressing F1 in Config Tool.