What is the Lenel Video Translator plugin? - Video Translator 4.1.0

Lenel Video Translator Plugin Guide 4.1.0

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The Lenel Video Translator plugin 4.1.0 is designed for Video Translator® access control systems. With this plugin, Lenel system operators can view Security Center cameras from applications such as System Administrator, Alarm Monitoring and Video Viewer.

The plugin allows you to do the following:
  • View live and archived Security Center video.
  • Control Security Center PTZ cameras.
  • Export Security Center G64 video files with watermarking.

    If the Security Center video file was originally recorded with watermarking, the file is also exported in Lenel Video Translator with a video watermark.

  • Receive the following Security Center video events in Lenel Video Translator:
    • Camera - Motion off
    • Camera - Motion on
    • Camera - Signal lost
    • Camera - Signal recovered
    • Unit lost
    • Unit connected
    • Application lost
    • Application connected
  • The Security Center SDK does not support the following features:
    • Input and output pins.
    • Audio.
    • Pre-roll and Post-roll for Event recording.
    • Time-lapse and Event Recording.
    • Display Firmware Version in Alarm Monitoring.
    • Change password security.
    • Formats other than G64 for exported Security Center video files.
    • Continuous recording, which cannot be configured for Security Center cameras in the System Administration application.