Disabling lost and stolen Medeco XT keys - Medeco XT 3.0

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Medeco XT 3.0
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You can disable lost or stolen keys by adding the related credential to a blacklist, then distributing the blacklist to vulnerable cylinders. When the blacklisted key is inserted in an updated cylinder, the cylinder remains locked and an access denied event is recorded in the cylinder's audit log.

What you should know

There are three settings that can disable a key:
  • expired validation period
  • expired credential
  • blacklist
The first two settings are stored on the key. The third setting is stored on a cylinder. If a key with an extended validation period or no expiry date is lost, you can add the key to a blacklist and upload the list to all vulnerable cylinders.


To disable a lost or stolen key using the blacklist:

  1. From the Security Desk homepage, open the Medeco XT blacklist management task.
  2. Double-click the key's credential to move it to the blacklisted keys list.
  3. Click Save blacklist.

To configure a setup key that will distribute the blacklist:

  1. From the Credential Management task, select the credential of the key you will use.
  2. Change the Key function to Setup, and then click Save.
  3. Insert the setup key into a programming station.
    This downloads the blacklist to the key.

To distribute the blacklist to cylinders:

  1. Insert the setup key into the cylinders where you want to disable the lost key.