Access denied for a credential that is listed in Security Center and MorphoManager - Morpho Biometrics 3.0

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When biometric data is presented to a Morpho reader, the door does not open, and Security Center shows access denied. However, when the credential linked to the biometric data is presented to a Security Center reader, the door opens, and Security Center shows access granted.

To help you troubleshoot this issue, refer to the possible causes and their respective solutions below.

Symptoms:Security Center shows access denied on controller (reader), but the cardholder is in the list of users shown in MorphoManager Client.

The credential is associated to one of the built-in Wiegand profiles in MorphoManager.

Incorrect credential format configured in MorphoManager Client.

Incorrect Wiegand format specified in the Morpho user policy.

Incorrect user policy being used for the reader.


Make sure that the following configurations were done correctly in MorphoManager Client as described in Guidelines for configuring MorphoManager to work with Security Center:

  • A custom Wiegand profile was created for the Security Center credential and the profile uses the entire field as a card number.

  • The correct user policy is associated to the custom Wiegand profile.

  • The biometric device (reader) is associated to the correct user policy.