Adding a BioBridge for the Morpho Biometrics Plugin - Morpho Biometrics 3.0

Morpho Biometrics Plugin Guide 3.0

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Morpho Biometrics 3.0
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Morpho Biometrics

To synchronize data between the MorphoManager system and Security Center, you create a BioBridge connection using MorphoManager Client.

What you should know

Perform this task on the Security Center plugin server and on all Security Center client workstations from which you will enroll biometrics devices.


  1. From the plugin database server, open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, select the plugin database, and do the following:
    1. Enable remote connections to the database.
    2. Create a user account for MorphoManager.
  2. Open Microsoft SQL Server Configuration Manager, under SQL Native Client Configuration (32-bit), click Client Protocols, and enable the TCP/IP connection.
  3. Open Windows Control Panel, under Administrative Tools, select Set up ODBC Data Sources (32-bit), and then do the following:
    1. Add a new System data source name (DSN) to connect to a SQL Server data source.
    2. Set the server to point to the plugin database server. The default database name is GenetecMorphoPlugin.
    3. Set the database log in credentials to the user name and password that you created in Step 2.
  4. Open the MorphoManager Client, log in to the plugin server, click Administration > Configuration , click the BioBridge settings tab, and then apply the following settings:
    1. Set System to MorphoManager Universal BioBridge.
    2. Under Configure connection, set Provider to ODBC.
    3. Set the connection to use the DSN, user name, and password that you configured in Step 3.
    For more information about setting up a BioBridge using the MorphoManager Client, refer to the MorphoManager documentation.