Cannot access the MorphoManager enrollment client from Security Center - Morpho Biometrics 3.0

Morpho Biometrics Plugin Guide 3.0

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Morpho Biometrics 3.0
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You are enrolling a cardholder with a Morpho Biometric device. In the Morpho configuration dialogue box, you click the Configure button. You expect the MorphoManager enrollment client to open, but instead nothing happens. The Configure button is unresponsive.

To help you troubleshoot this issue, refer to the possible causes and their respective solutions below.


Nothing happens when you click the Configure button on the Morpho configuration dialogue box.

From the Morpho configuration dialogue box, you click the Configure button, but nothing happens.


Security Center cannot communicate with the MorphoManager software.


  • Make sure that the MorphoManager client is installed on your local machine and that the BioBridge has been configured correctly.
  • Make sure that the plugin role is online and running.
  • Make sure that the MorphoManager service is running on the plugin server.
  • Make sure that your local machine can communicate with the server that runs the MorphoManager service.