Enrolling Security Center cardholders with MorphoManager Biometric Devices - Morpho Biometrics 3.0

Morpho Biometrics Plugin Guide 3.0

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Morpho Biometrics 3.0
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Morpho Biometrics

To grant cardholders access at doors using a MorphoManager Biometric Device, you must associate the biometric information with a cardholder's Security Center credential.

Before you begin


  1. In the Cardholder management task in Config Tool or Security Desk, select the cardholder to configure, and then click Modify ().
  2. In the cardholder configuration dialog box, click Morpho configuration ().
    If the cardholder has not been created yet, an error message appears.

  3. From the Associated credential drop-down list, select the cardholder's credential, and then click Configure.

    The MorphoManager enrollment client opens.

    If the client does not open, then Security Center cannot reach the MorphoManager service; for troubleshooting tips, see Cannot access the MorphoManager enrollment client from Security Center.

  4. In the MorphoManager enrollment client, set up the biometric configuration for the cardholder, such as the fingerprint enrollment.
    For information about using the MorphoManager enrollment client, see the MorphoManager documentation.
    After successfully enrolling the cardholder with the MorphoManager Biometric Device, the message Successfully configured appears in the Biometric section of the Morpho configuration.
  5. Click Close > Save and close.


The cardholder and their credential information is synchronized in the MorphoManager system. The cardholder can now access the door, using the biometric device that was configured and according to the access rules that are defined for the cardholder. Depending on the authentication type that was configured in the MorphoManager system, the cardholder might also have to present their card credential at the door.

If you assign a different credential to the cardholder, you must associate the biometric configuration with the new credential. If you assign a temporary card to the cardholder, the biometric configuration is automatically re-mapped to the temporary card until the original credential is returned.