How the Morpho Biometrics plugin works with Security Center - Morpho Biometrics 3.0

Morpho Biometrics Plugin Guide 3.0

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Morpho Biometrics 3.0
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Morpho Biometrics

The Morpho Biometrics plugin integrates IDEMIA MorphoManager systems into Security Center, using the Morpho Biometrics plugin role.

After you connect the Morpho Biometrics plugin role to the MorphoManager server, you can enroll Security Center cardholders with MorphoManager Biometric Devices, using a MorphoManager enrollment Client. Cardholder and credential information is synchronized with the MorphoManager system.

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MorphoManager Server
The MorphoManager Server manages the communication between the biometric readers and the MorphoManager enrollment clients, interacts with the MorphoManager system database, and handles requests from clients.
MorphoManager BioBridge
BioBridge is part of the MorphoManager Server software. It is a middleware that connects two separate applications. Using BioBridge, the MorphoManager system can synchronize information with a third-party data source, such as Security Center.
MorphoManager Client
The MorphoManager Client contains several client applications; including MorphoManager, which is used to configure MorphoManager and the BioBridge, and the MorphoManager BioBridge Enrollment Client, which is used to associate fingerprints to credentials.