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Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher Touch Asset Management Plugin Guide 3.0

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Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

The Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher Touch plugin 3.0 includes the following limitations.
Issue Description
1511886 Changes made to a Morse Watchmans site are not automatically shown in Config Tool or Security Desk.
Workaround: Reactivate the plugin.
1512561 After you delete a custom field related to a Morse Watchmans site, reactivating the plugin sets cardholders' selected profile for the site to "No Profile".
1589348 If invalid credentials are entered in the Properties tab of the plugin, attempts by the plugin to synchronize stops. Attempts start again after the user enters the correct credentials.
1674457 If a user lacks access to a Morse Watchmans site, their User ID cannot be updated. This is true even if the user exists in the Morse Watchmans system.
Workaround: Provide the user with access to a Morse Watchmans site.
1786657 The User Id field in the Morse Watchmans cardholder page can be modified. Changes made in this field are not synchronized with the Morse Watchmans Keywatcher TrueTouch system and are eventually overwritten.
1798780 The plugin cannot differentiate events from Morse Watchmans key lockers that have the same name and are found on the same site.
Workaround: Provide different names to the key lockers found on a Morse Watchmans site.
1798787 If you create a cardholder but don't receive an acknowledgment from the Morse Watchmans system, the create request will be resent and the user will be created twice. The first user's instance will not have any credentials, card formats or rights.
1825224 Licenses cannot be applied dynamically.
Workaround: When you add a new license, you must reactivate the plugin.
1825794 Morse Watchmans events are not available in the credentials report.
Workaround: Use the cardholder activities report.
1865275 Switching between different Morse Watchmans Keywatcher TrueTouch servers will result in unexpected behavior. It is only supported to allow changes to IP or DNS names.
1895109 A Morse Watchmans access rule that is assigned to a cardholder in Security Center should be automatically invalidated.
Workaround: Manually refresh the plugin.
1895386 A generic error message is returned when you connect the plugin to an existing endpoint.
1895460 If the time difference between the system clocks of the Morse Watchmans and Security Center servers is greater than 10 minutes, Windows will sever the connection between the two servers.
1895492 If a key cabinet loses its internet connection, its status in Security Center doesn't change.
1895495 When configuring a Morse Watchmans access rule in Config Tool, you cannot see assets that belong to other plugins.
1899350 If a cardholder profile is changed in Morse Watchmans TrueTouch, it is not overridden by Security Center.
Workaround: Close and open the user in Morse Watchmans TrueTouch.
1922975 Federated cardholders cannot be assigned access to a Morse Watchmans site.
1923155 KeyWatcher Touch lockers, asset groups and assets are not displayed through Federation™.
1961702 The Morse Watchmans Key Status report returns no result if you only select a key locker.
Workaround: Select a site to obtain the status of assets.
1978944 The plugin does not support the Set expiration on first use option for cardholders, as key cabinets do not trigger the access control event required for this feature to work.
1979173 The plugin does not support the Set expiration on first use option for cardholder credentials, as key cabinets do not trigger the access control event required for this feature to work.