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During emergency evacuations, people must gather to designated assembly points, and confirm their presence by badging their credentials on site. The Mustering task is used to generate a list of people who have physically reached their emergency assembly points.

From the Mustering task, a local USB reader must be associated to an area in Security Center. This area, called the mustering area, represents a physical emergency assembly point.

The report pane in the Mustering task that lists everyone who has physically reached their assembly point is updated at every mustering operation. There are two types of mustering operations:
  • When someone presents their credential to the associated USB reader at the assembly point.
  • When you manually move the cardholder to the mustering area using the Move manually button in the Mustering task. This can be done when someone does not have their credential with them, but has physically reached the assembly point.

When cardholders are moved to different areas, the People counting task is updated accordingly. Using the Area presence task, you can generate a report to track who has and has not reached their emergency assembly point.