Configuring local entity storage behavior for the Mustering task - Mustering 3.1

Mustering Task Guide 3.1

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Depending on the number of entities in the system, it can take several minutes for cardholder information to be ready for you to perform mustering operations. To prevent delays during an emergency, you can download the cardholder, credential, and area information to your client machine automatically at every logon to the Security Center Client.

What you should know

By default, the cardholder, credential, and area information is downloaded the first time the Mustering task is opened and connected to the Directory, and every time the task reconnects to the Directory.

You can configure the information to be downloaded every time you log on to the Security Center Client instead, but this might negatively impact Directory performance.


  1. Open the MusteringSettings.xml file.
    By default, it is located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Genetec\Genetec Access Control Mustering\
  2. Change the value of the CacheEntitiesOnLogOn attribute to True.
  3. Save the file.