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Mustering Task Guide 3.1

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The status bar of the Mustering task displays a color-coded summary of the General configuration and Connection configuration panes, which can be collapsed to maximize the number of entries displayed in the report pane.

The following information is displayed in the status bar:

Mustering area
Where people are currently gathering.
Connection status
The connection state with Security Center.
Local entity storage
Indicates whether or not information on credentials, cardholders, and areas can be retrieved during the mustering operation.
The entities can be in the following states:
The latest information relative to entities is available and is synchronized with the current Genetecâ„¢ Server.
Desynchronized/In progress
Entity information is being obtained and saved from the current server, or a disconnection occurred and the data might not be up to date.
Not ready
No information related to cardholders, areas, and credentials is available.