Using the Mustering task to move cardholders to mustering areas by badging - Mustering 3.1

Mustering Task Guide 3.1

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During emergency evacuations, people must gather to designated assembly points and confirm their presence by badging their credentials on-site. The corresponding cardholders are then moved to the mustering area in Security Center.

What you should know

Cardholders are moved when their credential is presented to the USB reader, regardless of the cardholder status. However, operators receive a warning message if disabled cardholders, cardholders with lost, stolen, or inactive credentials, or expired visitors are mustered.


  1. Connect the USB reader to the client workstation.
  2. From the home page in Security Desk or Config Tool, open the Mustering task.
  3. In the General configuration pane, select the Card reader type from the list, and then click Refresh ().
    The Reader connection status field changes from Not connected to Present a card.
  4. Click the Mustering area option to open the Select mustering area dialog box, and select an area to muster cardholders to.
  5. (Optional) Click to change the location of the Current file.
  6. (Optional) Select the Load pictures check box to display cardholder pictures in the report pane.
  7. Muster the cardholder:


The cardholder associated to the presented credential is moved to the mustering area, and the People counting task is updated.
NOTE: Some cardholder information in the entry might be unavailable until all entities are synchronized.

After you finish

Generate a report from the Area presence task to see who has not reached the emergency assembly point.