Configuring synchronize settings - OnGuard 4.0

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OnGuard 4.0
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The Synchronize settings are used to configure whether or not you want to synchronize cardholder pictures, custom fields, and offline events from the OnGuard system to your Security Center system.

What you should know

  • These settings only affect automatic synchronization and manual synchronization. Live updates done through real-time synchronization are unaffected by these options.
  • Disabling these options does not remove any of the entities which were previously added. Entities added by the plugin can only be removed through the synchronization or on removal of the plugin role.


  1. From the home page in Config Tool, open the Plugins task.
  2. In the Plugins task, select the OnGuard plugin from the entity browser, and click the Properties tab.
  3. Under Synchronize, turn on the Cardholder pictures option, and select one of the following:
    • Normal: Synchronizes the high resolution cardholder photo.
    • Thumbnail: Synchronizes a compressed thumbnail version of the cardholder photo.
      NOTE: Thumbnails must be enabled on your OnGuard system to use the Thumbnail option. For more information, see your OnGuard documentation.
  4. Turn on the Alarms, Areas, and Hardware options to enable the synchronization of alarms, areas, and hardware from OnGuard.
    IMPORTANT: To ensure OnGuard events and alarms appear in Security Center, a manual synchronization of alarms, areas, and hardware must always be done immediately after configuration changes are made to alarms, area, or hardware in OnGuard.
  5. Turn on the Cardholder custom fields option to synchronize custom fields for cardholders.
    NOTE: By default, only administrators can see a custom field. You can edit a custom field in Config Tool to make it visible for cardholders or cardholder groups. For more information see, the Security Center Administrator Guide. You can access this guide by pressing F1 in Config Tool.
  6. Turn on Offline events to retrieve events that occurred while Security Center was disconnected from the system.
    You must specify how far you would like to go back (in days) to retrieve events. Events that occurred within the period specified are treated as normal events. They appear in the event list in the Monitoring task, are recorded in the database. Events received with a timestamp older than the specified period are only recorded in the database.
  7. Click Apply.