Granting Security Center user access to the WMI interface - OnGuard 4.0

OnGuard Plugin Guide 4.0

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OnGuard 4.0
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Before you install the OnGuard plugin, you must grant Security Center user access to the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).


  1. In Windows on the OnGuard server, open the Computer Management window by clicking Start button > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.
  2. Click Services and Applications.
  3. Right-click on WMI Control, and click Properties.
    The WMI Control Properties window opens.
  4. In the Security tab, select the root\OnGuard folder.
    For more information about Active Directory,
  5. Click the Security button.
  6. Select the Security Center service user (for example, SecurityCenterSvcUsr), and set all the permissions to Allow.