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OnGuard Plugin Guide 4.0

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OnGuard 4.0
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The OnGuard plugin 4.0 includes the following known limitations.

Issue Description
336432 Alarms created a by a user in the OnGuard system are not synchronized with Security Center.
338106 Auxiliary inputs and outputs do not have unique names, therefore it's difficult to differentiate between them on the unit Peripherals tab.
340486 If any alarms are modified in the OnGuard system using the Active alarm checkbox, the changes are not reflected in Security Center.
Workaround: Restart the DataConduIt service and the OnGuard plugin.
347845 Editing OnGuard cardholder custom fields in Security Center has no effect. When cardholders are synchronized, the custom fields are overwritten with what is configured in the OnGuard system.
370877 The armed or disarmed status of an intrusion detection area is not available in the Security Desk widget.
370910 When a cardholder opens and closes doors, the door status does not change in the Security Desk door widget.