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OnGuard Plugin Guide 4.0

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If you have version 3.3 or earlier of the OnGuard plugin, and you want to upgrade to the version 4.0, follow this procedure.

Before you begin

Learn about the differences between versions, see Comparison of OnGuard plugin 3.x to 4.0.

What you should know

Because the architecture of the 4.0 version is different from the 3.x versions, it is not possible to upgrade an existing OnGuard plugin role. Instead, you must install the OnGuard plugin 4.0 and configure a new role. Once that is working as expected, you remove the 3.x plugin role and plugin software.


  1. Update your OnGuard servers and clients.
    1. Update your OnGuard system software to a version that is compatible with the plugin
  2. Backup your Security Center databases and rename/deactivate the OnGuard 3.x role.
    1. On the Security Center server that hosts the plugin, back up the OnGuard 3.x plugin database.
    2. Back up the Security Center Directory database.
    3. Rename the plugin role to clearly identify it as the older version. For example: OnGuard 3.3 or OnGuardDeleteMe.
    4. Deactivate the OnGuard 3.x plugin role: from the Plugins task, right-click the OnGuard role, click Maintenance > Deactivate role.
    IMPORTANT:Security Center no longer receives alarms from the OnGuard system or hardware.
  3. Install the new plugin software on the Security Center plugin role server.
    1. Prepare for installation and prepare the servers.
    2. Install the OnGuard plugin 4.0.
    3. Configure the OnGuard 4.0 plugin, as described in the chapter "Configuring the OnGuard plugin" in this guide.
    4. Confirm that you can monitor and control the Lenel devices from Security Desk.
  4. Uninstall the OnGuard 3.x plugin from the plugin server and all client workstations.
    1. Delete the OnGuard 3.x plugin role.
    2. Install the OnGuard plugin 4.0 on all client workstations.
      NOTE: When removing or installing the plugin on Genetecâ„¢ Server machines, the Genetecâ„¢ Server service must be stopped. Otherwise, a reboot will be required to complete the installation or removal process on all servers running the service.
  5. Install the new OnGuard 4.0 plugin on all servers and workstations.
    1. Install the OnGuard plugin 4.0 on all client workstations.
    2. Close and open Security Desk and Config Tool on the workstation so that the OnGuard user interface is visible.