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OnGuard Plugin Guide 5.0

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OnGuard 5.0
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The OnGuard plugin 5.0 includes the following new features.

Redesigned to use the OpenAccess API:
The OnGuard plugin 5.0 has been redesigned to use the OpenAccess API. Previous versions of the plugin connected to OnGuard through the DataConduIT API.
Communication through a proxy
Security Center now communicates with OnGuard through a proxy, which retrieves information from OnGuard through the OpenAccess service. This architecture greatly simplifies configuration and connection requirements compared to previous versions.
Deactivate cardholders from the entity browser
In the Cardholder management task in Config Tool and Security Desk, you can now deactivate cardholders by right-clicking on them in the entity browser and selecting OnGuard > Deactivate cardholder.
NOTE: No updates have been made to the Video Translator plugin. For information regarding Video Translator, see the OnGuard and Video Translator Plugin Guide 4.0.