Configuring DEC settings in Security Center - Otis Compass 3.2.1

Otis Compass Destination Dispatch Plugin Guide 3.2.1

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After you create security profiles in Security Center that define the dispatch settings for the Otis CompassPlus™ system, you must assign the security profiles to Destination Entry Computers (DEC), as well as configuring other settings for the DECs.

Before you begin

  • Create the security profiles.
  • If you want to assign a Security Center reader to a Destination Entry Computer (DEC), add access control units in Security Center. Readers are required if you want cardholders to use a card credential to access the elevator. For information about adding access control units, see the Security Center Administrator Guide.
  • Security Center readers can be assigned to the DEC from the Building tab of the Otis Compass plugin role.

What you should know

A Destination Entry Computer (DEC), also known as a terminal, is a point of entry in a destination dispatch system. A cardholder gains access to an elevator from a DEC, which is located at an elevator landing.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Under the Otis Compass plugin in the entity browser, select a DEC and click the Properties tab.
  3. In the Readers section, click the add button () to assign a Security Center reader to the DEC.
    NOTE: Multiple readers can be assigned to a DEC.
  4. From the Landing drop-down list, select the landing where the DEC resides.
  5. From the Security profile drop-down list, select which security profile to use with the DEC.
    The following sections are automatically configured based on the security profile you select:
    • Operation mode
    • Allowed floors
    • PIN code entry
    • Audit record
  6. Click Apply.