Mapping entities from the Otis CompassPlus™ system in Security Center - Otis Compass 3.2.1

Otis Compass Destination Dispatch Plugin Guide 3.2.1

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If you want to monitor events related to elevator cars, floors, landings, or entry devices in Security Desk, you must map each entity from the Otis CompassPlus™ system to a corresponding entity in Security Center.

What you should know

With the Otis Compass plugin, access to elevator cars is controlled by Destination Entry Computers (DEC), not by the elevators themselves. You can monitor dispatch events related to the elevator cars in Security Desk, such as Elevator dispatched and Elevator dispatched by user, from the Monitoring task or the Elevator activities report. However, you cannot monitor the positions of elevator cars.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Select the Otis Compass plugin from the entity browser.
  3. At the bottom of Config Tool, click Add a Compass™ entity (), select one of the following entities and in the window that opens, enter the required values.
    • Destination entry device
    • Floor
    • Landing
    • Elevator
      The Add a Compass™ entity button in Config Tool, showing the entity menu and the Elevator menu item highlighted.
  4. Click Add and close.

After you finish

If necessary, you can assign a different group ID and car number to the elevator from the Otis Compass page in the Area view task.