Modifying your building segments using the Otis Compass plugin - Otis Compass 3.2.1

Otis Compass Destination Dispatch Plugin Guide 3.2.1

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If you want to modify the building segments that were created in the Otis CompassPlus™ system, you can add or remove segments, or floors within segments, in Security Center.

What you should know

Using the Otis CompassPlus™ segmentation feature, you can divide your building into segments. These segments are imported when you integrate the Otis system with Security Center.

Segmentation allows you to separate passengers into different elevator cars based on which segments they are members of, allow passengers to travel within the same segment, and configure travel between segments. The feature speeds up travel and prevents wait times by dividing your building and designating elevator cars for specific passengers.

The segmentation settings are controlled by the Destination Entry Server (DES) in the CompassPlus™ system. The building segments from the CompassPlus™ system are synchronized in Security Center. In Config Tool you can associate a segment with a floor. The remainder of the segmentation settings are configured in the CompassPlus™ system.

The segmentation feature is only supported if Security Center is the only system, apart from the CompassPlus™ system, from which the segmentation settings are modified.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Under the Otis Compass plugin in the entity browser, select a DES and click the Segmentation tab.
  3. Enable the Enabled option.
  4. To add or remove a segment, click the Add () or Delete () button at the bottom of the page.
  5. To modify an existing segment, click the Add () or Delete () button in the Floors section of a segment.
  6. Select a floor ID, click OK, and then click Apply.

After you finish

Configure the rest of the segmentation settings in the CompassPlus™ system. For more information, see your Otis CompassPlus™ documentation.