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Otis CompassPlus™ Destination Management system uses specific terms. Here are the definitions of some common terms and their equivalents in Security Center.

CompassPlus™ system Security Center
DEC A Destination Entry Computer (DEC), also known as a terminal, is a point of entry in a destination dispatch system. A cardholder gains access to an elevator from a DEC, which is located at an elevator landing. It either has a touch screen or a keypad.
DER The Destination Entry Redirector (DER) is a redirector that manages the network routes of the Otis CompassPlus™ Destination Management system.
DES A Destination Entry Server (DES) is a server that controls a group of Destination Entry Computers (DECs) in the Otis CompassPlus™ Destination Management system. For failover purposes, the CompassPlus™ system might also have standby servers.
Destination entry device A destination entry device refers to the devices in an Otis CompassPlus™ Destination Management system related to entry; including the Destination Entry Computers (DEC) and the Destination Entry Redirectors (DER).
Elevator car Elevator cars are represented by elevator entities in Security Center. Using the Otis Compass plugin, you cannot control the elevator cars, you can only monitor events related to the elevators, such as Elevator dispatched events.
Floor Building floors are represented by area entities in Security Center, which are associated with a floor ID.

Floor IDs must be unique within the same Security Center Directory. As a result, you cannot reuse floor IDs for different elevator groups and destination entry devices.

Global Destination Entry Computer A Global Destination Entry Computer (DEC), is a point of entry in the Otis CompassPlus™ Destination Management system that can manage the elevator dispatch settings of multiple elevator groups. Global DECs are located at elevator landings where cardholders can access different groups of elevators, such as a lobby. Global DECs send elevator dispatch requests to a Destination Entry Redirector (DER), which forwards the request to the correct elevator group.
Group A group of elevators that service the same floors of a building, represented by a group ID. In Security Center, landings are associated with a group, which indicate what floors are serviced by that group of elevators.
NOTE: The group ID number in Security Center corresponds to the subnet value of the Destination Entry Computer (DEC) and Destination Entry Servers (DES) from the CompassPlus™ system.
Landing Elevator landings are represented by area entities in Security Center and can be associated with one front and one rear car door side per floor, for each elevator group.