Networking best practices for integrating Otis CompassPlus™ with Security Center - Otis Compass 3.2

Otis Compass Destination Dispatch Plugin Guide 3.2

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For optimal performance, the Otis Compass plugin should be hosted on an expansion server with two network interface cards. Not following the recommended configuration can have an adverse effect on all parts of Security Center.

Server recommendations

The server that hosts the plugin role must meet the recommended server specifications as described in the system requirements. It must also be running a compatible version of Security Center.

Set up the Otis Compass plugin on an expansion server

The Otis Compass plugin should be set up on an expansion server.
If the plugin is installed on a single-server system, the Windows network must be configured to handle multiple network cards. Also, after the plugin is deployed, it is best to avoid changing the network settings. Incorrect multi-network card configurations on a single-server system can adversely impact all parts of Security Center, for example workstations and hardware being unable to connect to Security Center.

Network considerations

The CompassPlus™ network should be isolated from the Security Center network to prevent disruptions to the elevator network.

The network ranges used by Security Center should not overlap with network ranges used by the CompassPlus™ system. For more information on the network ranges used by the CompassPlus™ system, contact technical representative from Otis.

Configuring your network interface cards (NIC)

Your expansion server must be configured with two network interface cards.

By default, the CompassPlus™ network expects the plugin server (referred to as the "security system") to be configured using the networking information outlined in the table below.
Communicates with the CompassPlus™ network.

Connects to the network switch provided by Otis.

Communicates with the Security Center network.
Fixed local IP address: Static IP address: Configured manually
NOTE: If your main directory server resides on another subnet, set up persistent routes so that the servers can communicate with each other.
Subnet mask: Subnet mask: Same as your Security Center main directory server.
Gateway address:

If a gateway IP address is not used, persistent routes must be created for the CompassPlus™ network subnets that are used by the integration. Contact your Otis representative for more information about the network ranges used by your system.

Gateway address: None