PTZ camera does not respond in Security Center - Security Center 5.4 and later

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Security Center 5.4 and later
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PTZ camera does not respond in Security Center

If a PTZ camera is not responding to PTZ commands that are sent from Security Center, check that the video unit is supported and that the PTZ camera is configured correctly. To help you troubleshoot this issue, learn about its possible causes and their respective solutions.


  1. Make sure the unit is supported by Security Center, and that it is running the certified firmware.
  2. Make sure the PTZ protocol that is used by the PTZ camera is supported by Security Center.
    For a list of PTZ protocols supported by Security Center, see the Security Center Supported Hardware list.
  3. Make sure the PTZ address, PTZ protocol, and COM settings are applied correctly on the video unit.
    • If these settings are programmed on the unit, restart the unit.
    • If these settings are configured using DIP switches, make sure the DIP switches are set correctly.
  4. If a specific user cannot control the PTZ camera, make sure they have the correct user privileges to control PTZ motors, as follows:
    1. In Config Tool, open the User Management task, and select the user who is trying to control the PTZ motor.
    2. Click the Privileges tab, and verify that the PTZ motor privileges are set to Allow.
  5. Check if you can move the PTZ motor from the unit web page.
    Only some video units support this feature.
    NOTE: For some units, if this feature is active on the unit web page, you cannot control the PTZ motor in Security Center. For more information, see your manufacturer documentation.
  6. If the PTZ motor is not integrated with your camera on the video unit (an analog PTZ camera), make sure the PTZ motor is configured properly in Config Tool.
  7. Make sure that the wiring between the camera and the video unit's serial port are connected properly.