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Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

Pay-by-Plate Sync 4.4 plugin includes the following known limitations:

Issue Description
147638 The Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin can only retrieve a maximum number of 60 Parkeon zones, even if Parkeon’s system includes more than that.
148539 The parking provider AParc Systems has a limit of 1000 transactions per day. Transactions can include permit update requests, Live Infraction Validation requests, and connection checks by Security Center to ping the system.
Workaround: If you are using AParc as a provider, set your scheduled incremental permit updates in Security Center to zero. You can still schedule a full update of all permit data at regular intervals (for example, every night at midnight).
150805 After you activate a Pay-by-Plate Sync multiple provider license, the Certificates page in Security Center Config Tool will still display “0/1” instead of “1/1”. This display error does not affect the plugin’s performance in any way, and does not prevent you from adding multiple parking providers.