How the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin works - Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.3

Pay-by-Plate Sync Plugin Guide 5.3

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Pay-by-Plate Sync

The Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin establishes a live connection between Security Center, Genetec Patroller™, and one or more third-party parking providers.

Security Center permit entities are used to store the parking provider’s permit data, which allows the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin to update permit lists dynamically. Changes to permit lists are then sent to Genetec Patroller™ for near real-time plate verification. If you get a hit, Genetec Patroller™ also performs Live Infraction Validation, which confirms that the plate has not been added to the permit list after your last update (false-positive hit).

The following diagram shows the relationship between Security Center, Genetec Patroller™, and third-party parking providers.

Third-party permits: - Stored Security Center - Dynamically updated as needed HFK 832 LGJ 562 FKN 885 OGF 148 CHI 918 LLU 179 14 35 LLU 179 LLU 179 LKN 447 LLU 179 LIW 174 Export hit data Patrol vehicle SharpX AutoVu Patroller GPS and maps Wireless Plate verification Perform , a real-time permit hit verification Live Infraction Validation with the parking provider (active Security Center connection required). Third-party provider Third-party provider Permit list Permit list Download permits from Security Center Security Center Dynamic permit updates Pay-by-Plate Sync

Example: Here are some examples of how you can use the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin:
Long-term parking
Register your license plate on the city website, and pay a monthly fee to park anywhere in a permit-restricted residential area. You aren’t limited to a specific space, and if you keep your account paid up, Genetec Patroller™ won’t raise a hit, and you won’t get a ticket.
Short-term (transient) parking
A tourist can use multi-space pay stations to pre-purchase parking time before heading to a destination. The plate is added to a list (managed by a third-party) and the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin updates Security Center and Genetec Patroller™ when needed (up to once per minute).