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Pay-by-Plate Sync Plugin Guide 5.4

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Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.4
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Pay-by-Plate Sync

The Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.4 plugin includes the following resolved issues.

Issue First reported in Description
2821190 Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.3 When you launch the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin from the Config Tool, the Properties tab is not accessible.
2810278 Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.3 After the system performs a last chance lookup, it returns a HitValid even if the license plate is in the permit list.
2807680 Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.0 Parking sessions report displays valid sessions even after the convenience time has expired.
2805952 Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.3 After the system performs a full or incremental update, multiple permits are uploaded as empty files.
2364469 Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.0 When the system performs an incremental or a full update on multiple parking zones simultaneously, some of the zones go into a faulted state.
2344826 Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.0 When you remove a parking zone or delete a parking provider from Security Center, the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin does not delete the corresponding active license plates.
2256171 Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.0 When you change an established communication port from the Properties tab of the plugin, the ALPR Manager role fails to re-establish a connection with the plugin through the new port.
1098013 Mobile Pay-by-Plate 4.3 When you upload a permit with duplicate records, the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin throws an error and does not enter any records into the database.