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In a typical City Parking Enforcement scenario, you can use overtime rules and permit lists together for areas that require both permit parking, and time-limited parking enforcement.

With the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin, you have the added benefit of using dynamic permits and the Live Infraction Validation feature in Genetec Patroller™ to enforce an overtime/permit parking scenario.
NOTE: If required, you can combine permits and overtime enforcement.

There is no specific configuration procedure in the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin for using dynamic permits and overtime rules together. You configure both separately, but you should consider the following guidelines when configuring this type of parking enforcement scenario:

  • You can only enforce permits and overtime simultaneously in a City Parking Enforcement deployment. It is not supported in University Parking Enforcement.
  • Unlike permit lists, you cannot choose which overtime rules to display in Genetec Patroller™. Genetec Patroller™ displays all the available overtime rules for its ALPR Manager. This means that you must keep track of which overtime rules correspond to the Pay-by-Plate Sync permits, especially if you have many overtime rules that are used separately from Pay-by-Plate Sync.
  • There is no automated way to link permits with the overtime rules that correspond to them. The Genetec Patroller™ operator must know which overtime rule goes with which Pay-by-Plate Sync permit when patrolling.