What is the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin? - Pay-by-Plate Sync 5.5

Pay-by-Plate Sync Plugin Guide 5.5

Pay-by-Plate Sync
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The AutoVu™ Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin allows users to consolidate multiple third-party license plate-enabled parking (LEP) systems into a single parking solution. With the Pay-by-Plate Sync plugin installed on your Security Center system, you can select and integrate different parking vendors that would not otherwise be compatible.

Pay-by-Plate Sync works with a wide variety of parking permit types, including residential permits, university semester permits, and employee permits, as well as transient parking transactions from pay stations and pay-by-phone systems. For example, you could use your cellular phone to register your license plate with a parking service vendor, and then purchase two hours of parking time at a certain location. Your license plate is added to a virtual permit for a duration of two hours, and Genetec Patroller™ (the in-vehicle enforcement application) is updated dynamically with the information to provide enforcement.

Pay-by-Plate Sync establishes and maintains live communication between Security Center, Genetec Patroller™, and the parking provider to do the following:
  • Update permit information dynamically whenever there are changes (new plates added, removed, edited, and so on).
  • Use Genetec Patroller™ for dynamic plate verification and parking enforcement.
  • Manage permit lists and enforcement for several different parking providers right from Security Center Config Tool.
  • Perform long-term and/or short-term (transient parkers) parking enforcement.
  • Create an XML file with the permit read or permit hit data that can be used by third-party ticketing systems.
  • Merge permits and permit information from multiple parking providers into a single aggregate Pay-by-Plate Sync permit. This simplifies permit enforcement because you only need to select one permit or zone to enforce in Genetec Patroller™. You won’t need to switch between different permits when you drive to a different enforcement zone during your patrol.
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