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Use the Camera maintenance incident type to provide operators with a standard operating procedure to resolve camera unit errors.

Camera maintenance incident type: functionality

The incident type is configured for manual trigger. The operator can trigger the incident from the Incident monitoring task in Security Desk.

This incident is also triggered from the Abnormal Events - Video/Camera incident when the operator response to the dynamic SOP includes a request for maintenance.

After the incident is triggered, the system guides the operator through a series of configured dynamic incident procedure steps towards error resolution.

For more information on the how the operator can monitor and manage the incident, see the Genetec Mission Control™ User Guide.

Camera maintenance incident type configuration

The incident type is preconfigured with the following:

Camera maintenance incident type: triggers

The incident is configured to allow manual trigger.

Tip: You must have at least one valid email address for notification emails.

For more details, see Triggering incidents manually.

Camera maintenance incident type: automation workflow

After the incident is triggered, the system waits for the operator to respond to the dynamic incident procedure which guides the operator through the camera maintenance procedure.

On error resolution, the system sends a notification email to users configured as Administrators with the following details:
  • Incident name
  • Incident trigger time
  • Incident first comment where the operator enters the name of the camera
  • Incident dynamic procedure steps
You can modify any of these details such as email recipients, details included in the notification email, and so on by selecting the incident type from the Incident configuration page in Config Tool and modifying the corresponding automation workflow activity in the incident's Automation tab.

For more details, see Modifying incident automation workflow activities.

Camera maintenance incident type: user procedure

The incident is configured with a dynamic procedure, that accepts operator response and directs system action accordingly.

The steps include the following information and directives for the operators:
  1. Confirmation of video down.
  2. Verification of the following:
    • Focus issue
    • FOV adjustment required
    • Power cycle reset
  3. Video failure cause check:
    • Power cable
    • Communication cable
    • Video unit failure
  4. Procedures to fix the issue based on cause.

For more details, see Modifying incident user procedures.

For more information on incident type configuration, see the Genetec Mission Control™ Administrator Guide.