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The Daily Screen - Screening Cleared incident is triggered by the system when the operator clears a person for entry after they pass the first phase of screening.

Daily Screen - Screening Cleared incident type: functionality

The incident type is configured to be triggered by the Daily Screen Covid-19 (1st triage) incident when the operator clears a person for entry.

However, the incident can also be manually triggered by the operator when required.

You can use this incident type as a criteria when generating incident reports or creating dashboards to see the number of people cleared for entry during a selected time period, count of people screened for Covid-19, and so on.

Generating reports for Covid-19 screening results

You can generate incident reports for a specific goal of tracking the number of people scanned for Covid-19, details on the people who were cleared for entry and those sent for a more in-depth screening.

You can use the Incident type filter in the Incident report task to select only the Covid-19 incidents for the incident report. After selecting the required query filters, you can generate your report in the Incident report task. You can perform the following actions in this task view:
  • View selected incident in Monitoring task.
  • Toggle between charts view and monitoring view.
  • Export the incident and attached entities to a selected destination.
  • Export the report displayed on screen to Excel, CSV, or PDF format.
  • Print the report displayed on screen.
  • Add to dashboard:
    You can also choose to show the results in the dashboard by selecting one of the following options:
    • Top results
    • Result count
    • Chart
Sample dashboard: