Preparing FLIR Nexus systems for integration with Security Center - Restricted Security Area Surveillance

RSA Surveillance Integration Guide for FLIR Radar Systems

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Restricted Security Area Surveillance
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Restricted Security Area Surveillance

To prepare your FLIR Nexus devices for integration with Security Center, you must configure the FLIR system to communicate with the Genetecâ„¢ Restricted Security Area Surveillance (RSA Surveillance) plugin. For specific details about configuring your devices and software, refer to the FLIR documentation.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that your FLIR system is operating as per the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Make sure that your FLIR devices and software are compatible with the RSA Surveillance plugin. For the latest compatibility information, see Supported plugins in Security Center on the Genetec TechDoc Hub.
NOTE: If you have a FLIR Ranger device, see Preparing FLIR Ranger systems for integration with Security Center.


  1. Make sure that your device is configured and operating as expected.
  2. When you create the driver container in the IS Gateway, open a UDP port for each device that you want to connect, starting with port 10000.