Product compatibility for the Receiver intrusion detection extension 3.1 - Receiver 3.1

Receiver Intrusion Detection Extension Guide 3.1

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Receiver 3.1
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To be eligible for technical support, you must install the extension with versions of Security Center and third-party software that are certified or supported by design.

Plugin Third-party version Certified Security Center version
Receiver extension 3.1 Certified:
  • Bosch Conettix D6100 Communications Receiver/Gateway using the Contact ID protocol
  • DMP SCS-VR Virtual Receiver using the SCS-150 Host Communication V104

Supported by design:

  • Bosch Connettix D6600 Communications Receiver/Gateway using Contact ID protocol
  • DSC Sur-Gard SG-System III Receiver using the SIA protocol.
5.7 SR3, 5.8, and 5.9
Product compatibility indicates that the product supports and can run with specific versions of other products. A product is compatible when it meets one of the following certification levels:
Genetec Inc. has tested and validated the product.
Supported by design
The product has similar characteristics or is a newer version of a certified version, but Genetec Inc. has not tested or validated the product.
NOTE: Minor versions of a major release are supported by design. For example, if is listed, then subsequent 5.8.n.0 are supported by design. If a major release is not listed, then it is not supported.