Required Security Center user privileges for the Receiver extension - Receiver 3.1

Receiver Intrusion Detection Extension Guide 3.1

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Receiver 3.1
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For administrators to add alarm receivers and related intrusion panels, areas, and inputs in Config Tool, and for operators to monitor intrusion events in Security Desk, the correct user privileges must be granted to their user accounts.

Privilege Task
Application privileges
Config Tool To use Config Tool.
Security Desk To use Security Desk.
Administrative privileges > Physical entities
View intrusion detection unit properties To view the intrusion detection unit configuration pages in Config Tool.
Modify intrusion detection unit properties To modify the intrusion detection unit configurations in Config Tool.
Add and delete intrusion detection units To add or delete intrusion detection units in Config Tool.
Task privileges > Administration
Intrusion detection To use the Intrusion detection task in Security Desk.
Task privileges > Operation
Monitoring To use the Monitoring task in Security Desk.
Task privileges > Investigation
Receiver activity report To use the Receiver activities task in Security Desk. Requires the Receiver intrusion detection extension.
Task privileges > Maintenance
Intrusion detection unit events To use the Intrusion detection unit events task in Security Desk.
Action privileges > Intrusion detection