Limitations in the RSA Surveillance plugin 3.2 - Restricted Security Area Surveillance 3.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 3.2

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Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

The RSA Surveillance plugin 3.2 integration includes the following limitations:
Issue Description
1814957 When an OPTEX laser is in vertical mode and the OPTEX tracking system is deactivated in Security Center, the associated RSA zone (perimeter) is deleted from the map.

Workaround: After reactivating an OPTEX tracking system, you must re-create the RSA zones.

1754306 After clicking Finish in the Add tracking system wizard, you see the message The entity that you modified was modified by another user or by the role. Your changes have been replaced. This error occurs when the last page you had open was the Properties page of an entity.

Workaround: Close the wizard. On the selected entity's page, select the Identity tab. Click Add an entity > Tracking system, and complete the wizard again.

1745443 When Security Desk is in full screen mode and spans two monitors, and the Export report button is on the secondary monitor, the export dialogue box does not display.

Workaround: Move the report task to the main monitor, and then click the Export report button.

1729722 When you select a target on the map of the RSA Investigation report, the same target is selected in the Monitoring task.
1212431 OPTEX: Moving an OPTEX laser to a new location on a map in Security Center causes targets to be detected and displayed incorrectly.

Workaround: Reposition lasers from the RSA Surveillance role's Tracking systems page.

1138768 OPTEX: When the plugin role fails over, OPTEX lasers lose connection to the plugin because each laser is configured to point to the IP address of the plugin server, instead of a host name.

Workaround: After a failover, change each OPTEX laser's Destination IP Address to the IP address of the active plugin server.

1108369 Role: When devices are removed from a tracking system, the plugin is unaware of the change, so the devices remain listed as entities in the plugin role.

Workaround: To remove these devices, you must delete the tracking system, and add it again to the plugin role.

1103686 Role: If you switch the RSA Surveillance role to use a different database, as part of restoring a database, you must reassign a map to each zone.
1022536 Maps: After drawing a polygon shape and linking it to an RSA zone, the shape should change color to indicate that the zone is disarmed.

Workaround: Close the Map task, and then reopen the Map task.

1020634 Maps: After setting a zone drawn on a map to Unassigned, the zone continues to behave like an assigned zone.

Workaround: Close the Map task, and then reopen the Map task.

929357 Maps: The tooltip for a zone does not disappear when you click on another object on a map.