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RSA systems use specific terms, which might differ from system to system. Here are definitions of some common terms.

Term Definition
OPTEX The designer and manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lasers detectors. See
AXIS The designer and manufacturer of the AXIS D2050-VE radar.
Blighter Surveillance Systems The designer and manufacturer of radar and sensor solutions. See
BOSCH The designer and manufacturer of Intelligent Video Analytic (IVA) cameras.
CAMS CAMS (Central Alarms Monitoring System) is a perimeter protection system manufactured by Future Fibre Technologies. See
Collins Aerospace Formerly, Rockwell Collins. The designer and manufacturer of the PSR-500 short-range radar systems.
FLIR Systems The designer and manufacturer of various threat detection solutions.
Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) The manufacturer of CAMS (Central Alarms Monitoring System), a perimeter protection system. See
Navtech Radar The designer and manufacturer of commercially deployed radar detection solutions. See
Radar A radar is a device that detects the presence, direction, distance, and speed of objects by sending out pulses of high-frequency electromagnetic waves that are reflected off the object back to the source.
Redscan Laser Series (RLS) The communication protocol used by OPTEX lasers to communicate with the plugin.
RSA perimeter An RSA perimeter represents a physical barrier (fence) or the border of a property or building. Perimeters are monitored by motion sensors positioned at intervals. In Security Center, an RSA perimeter is indicated by a colored line on a map. The color indicates if the perimeter is armed, disarmed, or in alert. When a sensor reports an intrusion, the perimeter changes color and an event is reported.

Unlike an RSA zone, an RSA perimeter only indicates that there was an intrusion, it does not display a target and target trail on the map, nor does it indicate the exact location of the intrusion. If you want to detect the exact location of a target, you must create an RSA zone around the perimeter.

RSA zone A restricted security area (RSA) zone defines the boundaries of a restricted area. In Security Center, an RSA zone is shown as a colored shape on a map. The color indicates if the zone is armed, disarmed, or in alert. When a tracking system reports an intrusion, the RSA Surveillance plugin generates an event if the intrusion occurs in an armed RSA zone.
Sensurity The manufacturer of Halo and Vigil devices and perimeter intrusion detection systems. See:
SpotterRF website The application you use to configure the restricted security areas and radars in a SpotterRF tracking system.
Target A target is an object, person, or animal detected crossing the perimeter of an RSA zone or an RSA perimeter. A target is often identified by a blue scope icon. Targets are also referred to as tracks.
Tracking system A system of devices or a device that tracks the speed and direction of objects moving through its field of view. Devices include radars, lasers, motion detection sensors, cameras that have video analytics, and thermal sensors.
Tracks See Target.
Witness A suite of software used by Navtech Radar to manage and control radars, cameras, and third-party systems. For a description of its components, see the Witness system design web page for details.