Shortening the length of RSA target trails - Restricted Security Area Surveillance 3.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 3.2

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Restricted Security Area Surveillance 3.2
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If your map contains many targets with long trails and you find that the trails are causing confusion or are making it difficult to see new targets, you can reduce the visual clutter by shortening the trails of all unselected targets.

What you should know

By default, the trail behind an unselected target contains the last 10 points, where each point relates to a GPS coordinate on the map. When you select the target, you see the whole path since the target was detected. If you have many targets on your map, and you find that the trails are causing confusion, you can reduce the number of points displayed in the trail of all unselected targets.

The changes apply only to your account on the local Security Desk client.


  1. From Security Desk home page, click Options, and then click RSA Options.
  2. Change the number of points in the target's trail. Default is 10 points.
  3. Click Save.