About the RSA intrusions panel - Restricted Security Area Surveillance 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance Plugin Guide 4.2

Restricted Security Area Surveillance
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You can use the RSA intrusions panel to monitor and control RSA zones and targets in the Maps task. You can access the panel from the toolbar, and pin it to the right or the left of the map.

You can click to filter which targets are listed in the RSA intrusions panel and on the map.

Zones view

In the Zones view, all RSA zones on the map are listed, except for coverage zones. By default, the number of active and inactive targets are listed for each RSA zone.

You can do the following from the Zones view:
  • Acknowledge all targets listed for the selected RSA zone.
  • Start or stop maintenance mode, and arm or disarm the selected RSA zone.
  • Jump to the Targets view filtered on the selected RSA zone.
  • Acknowledge all targets listed in the Zones view.

Targets view

In the Targets view, all targets on the map are listed, even the ones in coverage zones. By default, both active and inactive targets in all RSA zones are listed.

You can do the following from the Targets view:
  • View associated video for a selected target.
  • Change the type of the selected target.
  • Change the threat category of the selected target.
  • Acknowledge the selected target.
  • Lock the PTZ controls to track the selected target.
  • View video from surrounding cameras.
  • Add a description for the selected target. The description can later be viewed by clicking Describe target () in the Target widget in the Monitoring task or RSA investigation report.
  • Fuse a target into the selected target.
  • Acknowledge all targets listed in the Targets view.